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Offer Policies

  1. When you enter your data and click “send” you confirm your consent to receive our e-mails and SMS.
    You can unsubscribe at any time. We will never send an email or SMS without your consent.
  2. You must be registered to participate in the offer.
  3. Only cash payments are accepted, each flash tattoo costs $30.00.
  4. The flash sheets sent by dm are examples only, available designs will be shown in the studio on the day of the offer.
  5. Available designs will be done as they are on the flash sheets, no changes or additions can be made.
  6. Piercings are not included in the offer, for this service you can come to the store during normal business hours without an appointment.
  7. Signing up for a specific time slot does not guarantee 100% that you will be served at that time; however it helps us to manage the customer flow.
  8. If you are a minor and want to get a tattoo, you must come with a parent or legal guardian and bring a birth certificate.

We’re looking forward to working with you!